Director’s Greeting

Welcome to Chinese with Meggie, Austin’s Chinese school since 2006!

I founded the school in 2006 with the goal of helping kids and adults develop their Chinese language skills in a fun, engaging environment. Since then, our teaching team has had the pleasure of working with a wide range of students, from toddlers and preschoolers to adult professionals and senior citizens.

Chinese with Meggie is a language school but also a language learning community. In addition to our Chinese classes, we have developed a range of resources and opportunities to help our students at various stages in their language learning journey. Below is a short overview of some of the various projects that are part of this larger mission.

Thanks for your interest in our program, and please be in touch!

Meggie Chou
Founder, Chinese with Meggie Language School / Little Tiger Chinese Immersion School

Chinese with Meggie Language School

At Chinese with Meggie, our outstanding team of teachers works with children and adults of all abilities for blocks of time throughout the week. Classes run year-round and are limited in size to allow each student the kind of attention that is critical to language learning. Two locations: Hyde Park and Westlake.

Little Tiger Chinese Immersion School 

Little Tiger is our full-day M-F program that follows the traditional academic calendar. The school is for children 3-8 (PreK-3 through Second Grade) and is part of our 51st St campus. All of the curriculum and activities are conducted in Chinese.

Beijing Summer Camp 

Every summer, we take a group of families to China for our two week Beijing Summer Camp. The trip provides a truly immersive experience for our students (5-10 years old), allowing them to learn the language and culture alongside their Chinese peers at one of Beijing’s top elementary schools.

Austin Summer Camp

We also host several summer camp sessions in Austin for children 3-10 years old. Each session is organized around a particular theme, which the children then explore using the Chinese language. Lots of fun for everyone!

Teacher Training Program

Each winter, we collaborate with colleagues in Beijing on a Teacher Training Program. Through this collaboration, we bring a small group of foreign language teachers from China to participate in an intensive teacher training workshop and internship program that benefits students in the CWM/LT and AISD communities.


Based on lessons developed in-house, Diving into Chinese is a series of 41 picture books that helps non-native young learners to develop a basic vocabulary and an understanding of Chinese sentence patterns. The series was published several years ago in partnership with China Sprout, a publishing company and distributor of Chinese language teaching materials, and Beijing’s Higher Education Press.

Thanks again for your interest in Chinese with Meggie!