FAQ 常见问题

Where are you located? 

We are located on the north end of Hyde Park. Click here for address and map.

What is the difference between Chinese with Meggie and Little Tiger Chinese Immersion School?

Good question! Chinese with Meggie is our Chinese language school, where we work with students of all ages. Little Tiger is our our full-day M-F school for children 2-10 (pre-K2 through fifth grade.) Little Tiger covers the same subject areas as traditional schools, but activities are conducted in Chinese, so students develop very high levels of oral proficiency as well as reading & writing skills.

Will learning Chinese confuse my child or negatively impact his/her native language development?

No! Children are incredibly receptive to language input. Research shows that learning a second (or third) language actually enhances children’s understanding of their first language. We know this is true from formal scientific studies and also through our firsthand experience with children in our programs.

How old are your students?

We start early! In our Mommy & Me class, we work with new parents and infant children. Our Toddler and PreK Immersion programs are open to children 18-months and up. Our full-day Little Tiger Chinese Immersion School serves children 2-10 years old. In addition to our focus on children, we also have Young Adult and Adult Professional Programs.

Does my child need to be potty-trained?

Not necessarily. In our Mommy & Me and Toddler Programs, most of the children still use a diaper. Teachers are able to change the children as needed during class time.

Do you provide snacks during class? 

Yes. Parents provide simple snacks and water, which the children have during snack time. Parents should notify us of any allergies or special considerations.

Do you teach Chinese reading and writing in your immersion program?

Yes! We approach this differently depending on the student’s age and exposure. We typically begin introducing Chinese character reading and writing when the children are 4-5 years old. The kids love working with the characters, and the visual input provides a great complement to our speaking/listening lessons.

Do you teach simplified or traditional Chinese?

We teach simplified Chinese characters since they are much more widely-accepted.

I do not speak Mandarin myself, how can I help my child?

Parents’ support plays an essential role in children’s language progress. Ensuring that your child’s attendance is consistent is half the battle. You can also help by keeping your child up to speed with our short weekly homework projects. Oftentimes, this will involve making a short picture book. Instructions are always provided in English. You can also take one of our adult classes, which will provide a foundation from which you can help your child. Here is a blog post we wrote on the topic.

If my child is absent for one class, do you provide a make-up class?

Regular exposure to the language is extremely important, so we encourage our students to be as consistent as possible in their attendance. For children’s classes, we do offer make-up sessions, contingent on availability in an appropriate class. Please familiarize yourself with our make-up policy here.

Do you do background checks?

Yes. All of our teachers do fingerprints and criminal background checks through Fingerprint-based Applicant Clearinghouse of Texas affiliated to Texas Department of Public Safety.