Teacher Training

In 2015, CWM will launch a teacher-training program that we have been developing over the past several years. As CWM has grown, we have created an internal system for training new teachers in our unique approach to language instruction for children. Through a budding partnership with an established teacher training organization in Beijing, we will expand this aspect of our program in 2015 by bringing foreign language teachers from Beijing to the US. Visiting teachers will have extensive prior training in foreign language instruction from their primary universities in Beijing. At CWM, they will receive rigorous classroom training as well as the opportunity to lead their own classes under the supervision of CWM’s experienced teachers. This innovative exchange program will enable CWM to provide on-site Chinese language instruction and teaching interns to partner institutions throughout the Austin area.

Some of the ways students and partner institutions will benefit include:

1. Onsite Chinese Enrichment Programs with Partner Schools
2. After–School Chinese Clubs
3. Homestays with Student Families