Program Overview 课程安排


Chinese with Meggie Language School offers Mandarin Chinese classes to students ranging from toddlers to adult professionals. Our Little Tiger Chinese Immersion School is a full-day, M-F, program for children in PreK-3 through 2nd Grade.

Mommy & Me

Our “Mommy & Me” class introduces infants and their parents to our program and the Chinese language. The class meets weekly for 40 minutes. Lots of fun for the little ones and parents alike!

Toddler and Preschool Immersion Program

Our Preschool Immersion Classes take advantage of young children’s unique abilities to develop listening and speaking skills through play-based activities. In our Toddler Program, we work with children from 18-months through 3 years old. Our PreK/Kinder Program is for kids 3-6 years old.

Elementary Programs

Kids in our Elementary Program learn listening and speaking skills through conversation and Chinese character study. With our advanced elementary students, we use a Project-Based Learning approach, using Chinese to do long-term projects incorporating math, science, history, geography, and arts and crafts.

Young Adult and Adult Programs

With teens and adults, we take a more formal approach to the language, emphasizing pinyin, tones, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and general conversational skills. Learn more about our Middle and High School Programs and our Classes for Adult Professionals.