Adult Professionals


If you are interested in taking one of our Adult Classes, please fill out a short questionnaire and we will contact you shortly!

About Our Adult Program:

Combining formal instruction with a conversation-based approach to the language, we develop speaking and listening skills through activities and exercises that correspond to adult students’ specific needs. Topics of emphasis include pinyin, tones, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and general conversational skills. At the students’ discretion, reading Chinese characters may or may not be emphasized. In the past, we have helped adult students prepare for graduate school proficiency tests, civil service examinations, professional appointments in China and Taiwan, and a variety of other needs.

Chinese Beginners

Throughout the year, we offer a 6-session long introductory course for beginner adult students, usually run every Fall, Spring, and Summer Semester. The small group class meets approximately every other week for an hour and a half. Class size is limited.

Learners with Prior Experience

For students who have some prior experience with the language, it may be possible in some circumstances to join an existing group class with students of a comparable level. Small group classes and one-on-one classes may also be created to accommodate student needs.

Company Courses

In addition to offering courses at our Hyde Park location, our teachers are also available to offer group classes at companies in the Austin area. To arrange a program that fits your needs, please contact us at

Adult Program FAQ

What levels of Chinese classes you offer? 
We offer different levels of Chinese classes, from beginner to advanced.  Our teachers are well-trained and have extensive teaching experience.

I am interested, what’s next?
Great!  Please complete the questionnaire, and we will contact you shortly with more information on upcoming classes.

Do you have a class for total beginners?
Yes we do! The adult beginner class focuses on developing Mandarin Chinese speaking and listening skills. The class curriculum has been developed independently by our teachers.  Students go through various topics such as numbers, weather, food and date in Chinese and get a basic knowledge of Chinese language structure during the process. After finishing the beginner course, students will be able to conduct short conversations in Chinese and have a general knowledge of Chinese pronunciation and language structure.

How often does the class meet? What is the class schedule?
The class meets on Saturdays for 90 minutes.

What is the size of a small group class?
We take pride in keeping our class small (less than 10 students) so that the teacher can pay attention to each student’s progress.  We open a class when there are 5 students signing up.