Input Quality and Language Acquisition (II)

Besides making sure that the language input is intensive during the 2 hours class, we also use repetitive and precise language in our Chinese classes to maximize the input effectiveness. Every activity has its own key words, phrases or sentences. Through repeating several key elements throughout one activity, the key elements are imprinted on children’s minds.

For example, one simple activity we constantly use with our young toddlers is called “Animals Going Back Home.” In this activity, children put different animals into one toy house. One kind of animal occupies one room. Throughout the activity, our teachers repeat the sentence: “……动物回家。(…animal goes back to home.)” After the activity, children get to know the phrase “回家 (go back home),” and become familiar with different animal names.

Input Quality and Language Acquisition I:

-Chinese with Meggie Language School, Austin, Texas

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