How to Help My Child If I do not Speak Chinese? (I)

Chinese immersion programs are designed for students and parents who do not speak or speak little Chinese. Even if parents have limited knowledge in the language, they can still affect children positively in learning. We will have two blogs on this topic providing general suggestions, and also specific suggestions particularly for Chinese learners’ parents.

First, parents should be very serious about class attendance. Language learning requires consistency. Too many absences may impede children’s confidence and motivation when they find it difficult to keep up with other classmates due to missing classes.

Second, parents should always encourage your children to come to the teacher when they have questions. In our reading program, our children make one Chinese picture book of their own every week after class, which requires parents’ involvement. Parents can sense their children’s progress when working with children.

Also, parents can expose their children to different things related to Chinese language and culture, such as participating in cultural events, taking them to Chinese restaurant, or playing Chinese songs at home. They should also be encouraged to read Chinese for pleasure at home.

Our next blog will tell parents more about learning Chinese purposefully to work with children.

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