Make-Up Policy

We understand that schedule conflicts are sometimes inevitable. As a courtesy to our families, we have a system in place to help provide makeups in the event of missed classes. Please understand that we cannot make exceptions to the policy.

1. Makeup sessions may not be used as tuition credits under any circumstances.
2. Makeup sessions are available only to currently enrolled students.
3. Makeup sessions are provided only when space and availability permit and at the discretion of the school administration.
4. Makeup sessions are provided when there is space available in an existing class that is appropriate in terms of age and language level. When an appropriate space is available, we will notify you in advance to provide an opportunity for a makeup. If a class is fully enrolled, we cannot admit a makeup student unless we receive advance notice that a student will be absent.
5. In order to qualify for a makeup, you must notify us at least 48 hours in advance of the absence. Without proper notification, we cannot provide a makeup, because the system only works if we receive proper notice.
6. If a student misses a scheduled makeup without providing notification, then the makeup will be considered complete.
7. If a class is canceled by a Chinese with Meggie teacher, a makeup session date will be announced.