New Mommy and Baby Class

Where: Chinese with Meggie / Little Tiger Chinese, 708 E. 51st, ATX 78751

Who: This class is specifically designed for infant children and their parents. Mothers, fathers, and/or nannies are all welcome. For any parents interested in joining our Toddler or PreK programs, this class provides a great introduction to our community.

What: The class is tons of fun for children and adults. Everyone plays on the floor in a space designed for this purpose. The class provides Chinese language exposure to infants during the critical period for phonetic learning. This period usually occurs prior infant turns one year old, when the infant is able to discriminate different sounds in a uniquely perceptive way. At the same time, the child-parent activity also engages new parents, providing an opportunity for exposure to the Chinese language and a chance to engage with other new parents in a fun, stimulating environment. No prior experience with the Chinese language is necessary.

Why: The goal of the class is to introduce parents to Mandarin Chinese while providing an engaging, stimulating environment for infant children. Early exposure to foreign languages enables children to develop sensitivity to the nuanced sounds of a new language. In addition to preparing the children for further language development, there is a great deal of scientific research that points to the benefits of exposure to multiple languages at an early age.

How: Our class is designed to engage to infants’ sensory development, including sight, sound, touch.

Class Schedule: Thursdays from 10:00-10:40 am. Classes are limited to six families.

Flash cards (sight, sound)
Physical Activities (sight, sound, touch)
Storybook reading (sound/rhythm)
Music (sound/rhythm, movement)

For more information, including tuition and registration, please send us a note at or contact us here.