Middle & High School


Classes for middle and high school students focus on developing students’ comprehensive Chinese language skills. Combining formal instruction with a conversation-based approach to the language, we develop students’ speaking and listening skills through age-appropriate activities. Students will also learn pinyin, the Romanization system for Chinese characters. Lessons are also designed to improve students’ reading skills through visual learning by recognizing and writing Chinese characters.

Detailed descriptions of our middle and high school classes are included below. If you are interested in any of these classes or have additional questions, please email us at info[at]chinesewithmeggie.com.

Chinese 1

This class is intended for students with no previous experience with Chinese. Students will learn standard Chinese pronunciation, the basics of the Chinese writing system and how to have a simple conversation in Chinese. At the end of the course, students will be able to talk about greetings, dates, age, family members, time, daily routines, colors and also introduce themselves all in Chinese. This course will also Chinese culture as it is relevant to each unit.

Chinese 2

This course is designed for students who have completed Chinese 1 or equivalent. Students will build on their existing knowledge in order to discuss more complex topics such as, weather, seasons, transportation, making phone calls, food, etc. This class will provide students will more opportunities to use their conversational skills in Chinese. Students will continue to learn Chinese writing, including characters and phrases. Students will also learn about Chinese history and culture as they relate to the course topics

Chinese 3 (Pre-AP)

This class is intended for students who have completed Chinese 1 and Chinese 2 or equivalent. In this class, students will continue to build on their skills in Chinese by reading longer passages and discussing more complex topics in dialogues. Students will begin to write paragraphs in Chinese, using Chinese sentence patterns and correct Chinese grammar.

Chinese 4 (AP Chinese)

This class will prepare students to take the AP Chinese Language and Culture exam and potentially earn college credit in modern languages. The AP Chinese Language and Culture exam emphasizes communication in real-life situations. Students will be asked to apply their interpersonal, interpretive and presentational skills in the course. Students will also learn about Chinese culture through cultural products (books, music, laws and etc.), practices and perspectives. The AP Chinese Language and Culture exam is given every year in May.