Elementary Programs

Chinese with Meggie offers two different elementary programs for elementary age students: the Elementary Reading Program and the Elementary Immersion Program. The two programs together play a complementary role on students’ Chinese development. They focus on developing speaking and listening skills through reading Chinese characters. After building a solid foundation in reading, students begin developing their writing skills.

Each elementary session lasts for one hour. Students are required to attend a minimum of one 1-hour session per week. Class sizes are limited to ensure a high degree of attention for each child.

Elementary Reading Program

The Elementary Reading Program is designed for children with no prior experience with Chinese. We focus on developing students’ reading skills through visual learning by recognizing Chinese characters. At the same time, lessons are designed to improve students’ listening and speaking skills. Students begin to learn how to write Chinese characters when they enter the Advanced Reading Program. We suggest students enrolling in the elementary program for one session per week start with the Elementary Reading Program.

Elementary Immersion Program

The Elementary Immersion Program is an immersion program for elementary age students, emphasizing on developing children’s Chinese listening and speaking skills. It serves as a supplementary program for the Elementary Reading Program. If a student enrolls in two elementary sessions per week, he/she goes to the Elementary Reading Program for his/her first session. He/she goes to the Elementary Immersion Program for the second session.

Classes of the Elementary Immersion Program have a 100% Chinese context and children learn through different kinds of subject-based activities. Through this program, students reinforce what they have learned in the Elementary Reading Program.

Classes are offered Monday through Saturday. Please contact us for information about tuition, scheduling, and availability.