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Chinese with Meggie Language School offers Mandarin Chinese instruction to students ranging from toddlers to adult professionals.

Preschool Immersion Program

One of our main areas of focus is our immersion-based pre-school program.

With our pre-school immersion students, we take advantage of young children’s unique abilities to develop listening and speaking skills through exposure and engagement. Students develop these skills in a way that mimics the way that they acquire their native language. They learn through imitation, repetition, songs, games, and a variety of other carefully designed activities. Advanced pre-school students begin to read Chinese characters, phrases, and short sentences.

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Elementary Programs

Elementary students learn listening and speaking skills through a variety of means, including conversation, and subject-based lessons in math, history, geography, and arts and crafts. Students are introduced to both pinyin and Chinese characters, learning to read sentences and simple stories.

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Young Adult and Adult Programs

With teens and adults, we take a more formal approach to the language, emphasizing pinyin, tones, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and general conversational skills. Because our curriculum is developed in-house, we tailor our approach to the needs of specific students. In the past, we have helped adult students prepare for graduate school proficiency tests, civil service examinations, professional appointments in Asia, and a variety of other needs.

Learn more about our Middle and High School Programs and our Classes for Adult Professionals.