YCT Assessment

YCT (Youth Chinese Test) is a Chinese language standardized international Chinese proficiency test, launched by Hanban, a widely recognized and respected institution within the Chinese Learning as a Foreign Language community in the world. Since 2014, Chinese with Meggie has integrated YCT subjects into the curriculum on an age-appropriate basis. CWM is also one of the official YCT testing centers in the U.S (School code: 4320200-80), authorized by the Center for Chinese Education Services in North America (CES Center,北美华文教育中心).

The YCT test aims to assess and improve students’ abilities to use Chinese in their daily and academic lives, and to improve their self-confidence in Chinese language skills.

All candidates taking part in YCT exams receive a test result issued by Hanban. Those who qualify will receive a Chinese Test Certificate for the particular level of exam taken.